Creativity Corner: Time Machine

Being a lifelong learner has multiple benefits and it’s one of the core skills we need to develop in order to stay relevant in the talent market.

This creative activity has more to do with learning. As recent times clearly showed us, we should all be upgrading our skills via continuous learning. More than 40 years ago, graduating from high school was enough to land a job. When I was still a student some fifteen to twenty years ago, graduating from university would secure a job. And now, no one has job security unless they continuously keep learning new skills or improving existing ones. Digital transformation is happening very rapidly, and we have no choice but to keep up with its demands.

Start by making a list of all the new skills you would like to learn and master. Then, practice beginning with the end in mind. Take a look below at how beautifully FranklinCovey Institute explains this idea:

“Envision in your mind what you cannot at present see with your eyes. It is based on the principle that all things are created twice. There is a mental (first) creation, and a physical (second) creation. The physical creation follows the mental, just as a building follows a blueprint. If you don’t make a conscious effort to visualize who you are and what you want in life, then you empower other people and circumstances to shape you and your life by default. It’s about connecting again with your own uniqueness and then defining the personal, moral, and ethical guidelines within which you can most happily express and fulfill yourself.”

FranklinCover Institute

Now, I would like you to imagine yourself getting onto an imaginary time machine and going ten or fifteen years into your future. Then look back and take a look at all the skills you’ve learnt in all those years. Feel the sensations that arise in your body. For example, if learning to play the guitar was on your list, imagine your future self playing the guitar flawlessly and feeling proud about it!

The goal of this exercise is to eliminate the various excuses we tell ourselves before we even start to learn new things. Do phrases like “I’m too old to do that,” or “I do not have the time to study photography,” sound familiar to you? By hopping onto the time machine and imagining yourself already having mastered the things you wanted to learn will stop such self-sabotaging sentences you keep telling yourself on its tracks.

What if you do not know where to start or get the inspiration for your learning list? Take a moment and notice where your attention goes these days. What types of books or magazines do you read? When you were a kid, what were you most curious about? What topics do you search on search engines? What TV programs do you watch? You can also read biographies of people you admire to find additional inspiration. What activities do they dedicate their free time to?

The time machine is also a creative activity that you can easily use with your kids to help them set clear goals about their future. Being a lifelong learner has multiple benefits and it’s one of the core skills we need to develop in order to stay relevant in the talent market.