Reasons Why You Need to Keep Your Dog Engaged and Mentally Fit

Several news sources indicate that the number of household dogs and pets increased significantly during the pandemic. Humans need companionship, and dogs are famous for being a man or a woman’s best friend. And many dog owners get seriously involved in their dog’s well-being, which is a great thing. But most of the time, dog owners only focus on the physical well-being of their dogs. It’s very common to see people walking their dogs or running with their dogs for a couple of hours daily. While walking is definitely beneficial for dogs and puppies, owners should also consider investing time in activities that will give mental stimulation.

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

It’s not easy to tell what’s going on inside a dog’s head. But probably your dog is getting bored sitting next to you while you are reading or scrolling through social media on your mobile device. Experienced animal behaviorists such as Claire Arrowsmith suggests that bored dogs may express more problematic behaviors such as excessive barking, or destructing home furniture. Lack of mental stimulation may also show itself in dogs as over excitement. It may be difficult to handle an over-excited dog especially if the dog cannot use up its mental or physical energy with engaging activities during the day.

You’d agree that if a dog lived on its own out in nature, it would keep itself busy with activities such as hunting for food. A sedentary life in a household may make your dog more stressed. And if you do not invest your time or resources for keeping your dog mentally fit, your highly intelligent dog will more likely learn unwanted behaviors such as chewing your slippers or eating the unguarded last piece of cake on the table! For some interesting ides about activities you can choose for your dogs, take a look at pets.webmd website!