Things You Can Do Today to Make Yourself Feel Better Tomorrow

The title may sound a little bit misleading. It may give the impression of focusing too much on the future. I am a big advocate of “carpe diem”; making the most of the present moment. And in fact, the suggestions you are about to read in this blog will make you feel good about yourself while you are doing them and the day after. Or things may turn out to be even better! You might feel good about yourself for a couple of days starting from today 🙂 Below are my humble suggestions:

  1. Do three things today that will make you feel proud tomorrow: I know most of you are leading super busy lives, even in the times of the current pandemic. But you need to dedicate time to take care of yourself. You can be as creative as you like. You can choose to go out for a walk for at least thirty minutes. Or, you can do home fitness for thirty minutes. You can give a call to a relative whom you haven’t heard from for a long time. You can dedicate thirty minutes to reading a book. You can choose to tidy up your studio. You can dedicate five minutes of your time to mindfulness. Whatever your choice is, try to choose at least three meaningful and engaging activities that when you wake up the next morning, will make you feel proud of yourself.
  2. Dedicate at least thirty minutes a day to learning something new: This has to be a separate activity from the three things listed above because teaching yourself something new is very important. It deserves its own space. Learning something new, or improving an existing skill can be likened to playing a computer game and making it to the next level. Such accomplishments can give us the feeling of improving our status. And the feel-good effect of an improved status may last for a couple of days 🙂
  3. Express gratitude for at least three good things that happened to you: Some say that practicing this habit before going to bed may help you sleep better. And we all know that when we have a good night’s sleep, we all feel refreshed and happy the next morning.
  4. Listen to positive affirmations before going to sleep: Get a nice set of headphones and listen to positive affirmations before you fall asleep. This may help you prime your brain for the next morning.

These are literally the things I do every day to make the most out of my day. I would not have suggested these if I weren’t practicing them myself 🙂 Of course there are days when I fall asleep without listening to my positive affirmations. It’s OK to miss a few days of practice. In the end, we are only humans, not robots. Moving forward, think about which of the above suggestions you can incorporate into your life. Do you know any people who may benefit from following these suggestions? What else can you do today to make yourself feel better tomorrow?