Why Is It Important to Have Hobbies?

I once read about the results of research that explored the effects of evening activities on our feelings and our behavior at work the next day. The research shows that practicing experiences of mastery in the evening may help people feel more enthusiastic and inspired both in personal life and at work. And unfortunately, just sitting in front of the TV and watching the favorite TV show does not count as an experience of mastery.

I strongly agree that a person needs to have a life outside of work. Especially nowadays, no job has security attached to it. And I’ve seen a lot of people feeling depressed upon encountering an unfortunate event (such as losing their jobs) in their lives. And most of these people were depressed because they could not find any activity to distract themselves from ruminating over negative events.

I’ve mentioned in my previous posts that I’m recovering from a major life event that took place during the last week of March 2021. The recovery process is going to be a long one and I’m getting professional medical help about it. But at the same time, I manage to distract myself because thankfully, I have a few hobbies with which I can direct my attention away from negative thoughts.

Humans need hobbies for a lifetime. Doing sports, meditating, painting, coding, writing…Whatever it is that you like doing in your spare time, please dedicate more time to it. You can even start learning new skills, it’s never too late. There’s nothing worse than sitting or lying down all day doing nothing but thinking about why bad things happened to you. I understand that daily life and our jobs are very demanding, but you should have something to hold onto when a job or a loved one you’ve depended on won’t exist for a reason.

So, what will you do when you finish work today? Which hobbies have you started recently? What can you do to get better at your hobbies? What new things would you like to learn, and how can you create more time and space to learn them? You can find further information about the importance of having hobbies and hobby suggestions on this article.