Traveling in the U.K. : Portsmouth

I’ve lived in the UK for almost four years now and for the first time I had the chance to visit Portsmouth during the bank holiday. Until then, I always thought that Bristol was my most favorite city. Well, Portsmouth kind of changed that notion:) Portsmouth is a lovely city by the sea. The first thing I noticed was the fresh sea air. It felt amazing! I strongly suggest you visit Portsmouth if you get the chance! To start with, Portsmouth has a very long and relaxing beach! You can walk for hours, sit on the beach or grab something to eat or drink and just relax!

And if you are in the mood for some amusement, you can try the big toys at the pier!

As you continue walking towards the pier on your left, make sure to check out what’s on your right as well:) Because you can easily spot a model village, an aquarium and the Southsea Castle:)

I believe the city played an important role during World War II. There’s a beautiful memorial a little further away from the pier. I also managed to get a glimpse of the tower that’s symbolic of the city. I also added below the photo of a beautiful church. I really liked church’s architecture.

I like to take photos of cute, random doors around the UK:) And below are the selected doors of Portsmouth:)

I look forward to going back to Portsmouth on a warm and sunny day:) My visit over the May bank holiday had been cold, rainy, and windy, as you can tell from the photos:) Nonetheless, I really loved Portsmouth!