Understanding Reframing

Reframing is the ability to evaluate a situation through a new perspective. Sometimes you may feel like you only have one way forward regarding a certain situation in your personal or professional life. Using reframing may help you see the available alternative options and present you with new methods for managing any situation. It’s not always possible to change the circumstances you are in or how others think. The only thing you have full control of is your perception.

Adopting a growth mindset may help you use reframing more efficiently in many areas of your life. A growth mindset embraces continuous learning and change. It never allows you to tell yourself, “Oh, I can never do that.” Instead, it helps you find alternative options as you reframe your perspective with questions such as “Why not?” or “How about trying this?”. Also, a growth mindset embraces mistakes because it knows that nothing in life is perfect, and mistakes are great learning opportunities. It allows you to change your perspective about your mistakes by helping you focus on how you’ve become better as a result of your mistakes.

Reframing can be an antidote you can use for the times you feel stuck or trapped in a personal or professional situation. It can help you deal with self-criticism and comparison by changing the stories you tell yourself and resisting the urge to jump to conclusions.

How often do you practice reframing in your daily life? Which growth mindset tools do you use?