Traveling in the UK: Birmingham

People usually think of the TV Series Peaky Blinders when they hear of Birmingham. I think the TV series did a good job advertising B’ham City. Though when I checked on the Internet about the filming sites of Peaky Blinders, I realized that most of the filming took place in Manchester and Liverpool, not Birmingham:)

I visited B’ham back in 2018 for the first time. I took a very expensive train (back then I was still a bit scared about driving all the way there on the other side of the road) to attend a job interview at a big IT company. B’ham is the second-largest city in the UK and hosts a great number of international companies. Well, back in 2018 I did not have good luck with the job interview, but luckily I had the chance to briefly walk around the city. And I always wanted to go back to discover more. This past May bank holiday gave me the perfect opportunity to visit B’ham!

Following my friend’s advice, I parked my car at the Bullring shopping center and started walking around. I started my sightseeing with St. Martin’s Church before I reached the many colorful shops and restaurants that Bullring offers. It’s a lovely Victorian church built around the 13th century.

St. Martin at B’ham

Moving forward, I reached the Magistrate’s Court and the Children’s hospital. I need to say, I really liked the cute welcoming figures at the entrance of the hospital 🙂

I kept walking for another 20 minutes and reached Victoria Square where the City Hall is located. I remember that back in 2018, this part of the city was under construction. Now, the area offers places to sit and chill!

My guidebook mentioned there’s a secret garden on one of the top floors of B’ham Library where you can get a bird’s eye view of the city. Unfortunately, the library was closed when I visited. I need to say I really like the architecture of the library. Its structure reminds me of a delicious cake!

Talking about the architecture…Check out the below photos:)

And finally, the canals of B’ham… I’m a bit embarrassed to say I had not noticed the city canals back in 2018. Please make sure to take a walk along the canals of B’ham. It’s very relaxing.

The city even has a canal bridge named after one of B’ham’s famous rock bands! Black Sabbath!

Gas Street
BBC Birmingham

I’m not sure whether it’s a side effect of a long period of lockdown that I fall in love with every city I visit…But I want to say that Birmingham is really pretty. I think the city is a lot livelier during weekdays. I can imagine its pubs and restaurants all packed in the evenings and over the weekends. I think B’ham is a great city to live in. And if you’re a fan of Peaky Blinders, you can try one of the city’s dedicated tours to visit the filming sites!

Have you ever been to Birmingham? What do you like the most about the city? Do you have any suggestions about what to see in Birmingham next time?