Discover Your Life Purpose

Scientists suggest that following a purpose in your life may help you live longer and healthier. Doesn’t that sound just great? We can define purpose as wanting to do things that matter to you and other people at the same time. When you think about it, it’s in our genes to care for and connect to other people. That’s why when you do things with purpose, you also satisfy an important inner desire, and your brain rewards you with lots of feel-good hormones such as dopamine.

What’s your greatest purpose in life?

Finding your purpose may require some soul searching on your part. Recently, I read a summary of the book titled The Art of Impossible by Steven Kotler, and I’d like to share some of author’s suggestions on identifying your purpose. Here are a few simple baby steps that may help you with your quest:

1.Find out what you are passionate about: To find out what you are passionate about, you first need to find out what invokes your curiosity. Start by writing down the things you are curious about. Then, try to see if you can find out any intersection points among your curiosities. This should help you identify what you are passionate about.

2.Identify the problems that bother you: Write down 5-10 problems that really bother you. Then, try to see if you can find any intersection points between your passion and any of the problems. This step will help you identify your potential purpose.

3.Work on your purpose gradually: You don’t have to quit your full-time job to focus on your purpose right away (seriously, don’t do it!). Carve out a minimum amount of time every day to dedicate yourself to your purpose.

4.Achieve mastery by setting yourself goals: Do everything you can to become an expert about your purpose. Read books, attend events and consider expanding your network. Specialize in your purpose. Remember to set yourself clear goals to achieve your desired level of mastery. Remember, easy does it!

Have you already found out what you’re passionate about in life? Does your employer/manager promote the purpose of your job? What can you do to carve out time to dedicate yourself to more purposeful activities in your life?