It’s Time to Travel! : South Cerney

Cotswold is one of the main touristic attractions in South West England. And South Cerney is one of the villages in the Cotswold District. Luckily I live only fifteen minutes away from this naturally fantastic zone. The area is full of small lakes, and last weekend, I had the opportunity to visit one of my favorite spots.

I found out about this particular lake a few weeks ago, actually. Back then, I would just drive there, park my car right in front of the lake, decline my driver’s seat a little bit and drift off to a sweet nap while gazing at the lake. That was my preferred method of enjoying nature when the weather was still cold 🙂

This looks like fun…he/she was actually having a snack:) I only saw two swans in the entire lake…And they were both involved in the same fun activity:)

The government started easing the lockdown as of 12 April. And luckily, the weather started getting a bit warmer since then. That’s why when I visited the lake district over the weekend, I was able to lay down on the grass and enjoy the scenery and the sunshine. I managed to take a few photos too!

These ducklings got the best spot in the entire lake!
I could spot this one little island on the lake…
A “DO NOT USE” sign that ended up where it was not supposed to!

The lake by itself is pretty relaxing. But unfortunately, you cannot see a lot of marine or animal life in this particular lake. If you are in the mood for a little bit of adventure or sports, you can rent kayaks and stuff and try your luck. I saw a couple of kids trying kayaks over the weekend, and they seemed like they were having the time of their lives:)

How is the COVID situation where you live? Did your local authority/government ease some of the travel restrictions? Did you get a chance to travel recently? Do you have any suggestions about where I should visit next?