Creating Jingle and Lullabies to Calm Yourself

Regular practitioners of meditation know the efficiency of repeating mantras to focus attention and control the mind. Repeating a mantra, in your native language or Sanskrit, helps you bring your attention inward. Chanting helps our body to release the natural stress fighters in our body and our brain and may carry us to a state between wakefulness and sleep where we may experience a deep sense of calm.

I’ve mentioned in my previous post that I had to go through an unfortunate event during the last week of March. This unfortunate event also involved surgery. And one part of the surgery involved a painful part where I was not administered an anesthetic. The process was painful, and at first, I let out a few cries. But then, thanks to my regular meditation practice, I was able to calm myself by repeating “I’m safe” and regulating my breath. I would also need to give my thanks again to nurse Cindy, who held my hand all the time.

Anyway, the past is past, and unfortunately, I still do not possess the power to stop time or life. Life goes on, so must I. What I want to share with you in this blog post are simple steps you can follow for creating your jingle, or lullaby, or mantra to give yourself strength or calm yourself down during difficult times.

  1. Think About Your Purpose & Use Affirmations: If you’d like to create a jingle/lullaby to find strength for a difficult task ahead, you can use a phrase as simple as “I can do this” or “I’m very good at my job”. Repeat the phrase until you internalize it.
  2. Add Rhythm to Your Affirmation: You do not necessarily have to accompany your affirmation with an instrument. In fact, when you repeat your phrase over and over, you’ll find out that you will automatically attach a rhythm to it. And if you wish, you can add claps or finger snaps between the repetitions too. Remember, it’s your jingle and you have the right to be as creative as you like.
  3. Reflect: From experience, I can tell that repeating a jingle/lullaby internally or externally will help you feel calm and centered. Nevertheless, you should analyze how the jingle/lullaby made you feel.

What are your go-to practices to calm yourself? Do you have a favorite song or playlist? Do you prefer silence or the presence and empathy of another person?