A Kind Phrase You Can Use to Take Control of Your Story

Communication is the essence of human interaction. Some people are naturally good at smooth communication while some are not. The good new is, those who are not naturally talented can definitely improve their communication skills. Reading relevant books and studying how great communicators manage to reach their audiences are some of the ways we can all practice this crucial skill. It’s a bit redundant to repeat it here, but mastering great communication skills is really important. You know what they say, “Words can make you or break you.”

On a daily basis, in non-pandemic times, we interact with a great number of different people. And sometimes, some of these people start pulling you down by telling you about the negative experiences they or someone they know had in their lives. I don’t believe these people are aware of the fact that they are pulling you down with their negative stories. I don’t think they have any bad intentions or ulterior motives. Humans are conditioned to watch out for their environment and protect themselves and the ones they love. Remember, humanity spent a good amount of time living in caves and defending their lives from wild animals 24/7.

The dangerous times are well behind us but still, some of us live life in a protective mode. Let’s say you are a pregnant woman and your best friend starts talking about the horrible things that happened to her or someone she knew during labor. Or, imagine that you decided to travel to a faraway country on your own and your friend starts telling about a guy who traveled on his own and faced unfortunate events. In such cases, if you do not want to get caught up in all the negativity such stories may bring, there’s a magic phrase you can use to kindly tell your friend to stop. And that phrase is “That’s not my story.”

Each one of us is the writer of our own life story. Yes, we need to think ahead and be prudent about how we want our stories to proceed. But the people around us do not necessarily have the right to influence our story unless we explicitly ask them to do so. So the next time you find yourself in a situation where you think “another writer” is about to take your pen from your hands and write your story with his/her own words, stop him/her just by kindly saying, “That’s not my story.

When you continue with your day today, think about the people in your life and see whether unconsciously you are having a pen fight with some of them 🙂 Other than telling them “That’s not my story,” what else can you do to take better control of your own life story?

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