Ideas for Your Next Online Event

You can continue to improve and grow your social network with creative online meet-up ideas during a lockdown.

With pandemics and lockdowns, it’s easy falling prey to pessimism. But we all need to keep our spirits high because pessimism can weaken the immune system, and that’s the last thing we need during this last stretch of the pandemic.

One of the ways to cheer yourself up is reconnecting with loved ones. But how? Online meet-ups come to the rescue! Thanks to the digital age we are living in, there are numerous platforms we can choose from.

In addition to technology, you will also need a few exciting ideas to make your online meet-up exciting and engaging. Below are a few ideas:

  1. Online fireside chat: Remember that warm and fun atmosphere around the campfire? People would tell stories, ask questions, play music, and have fun. You can still imitate this activity at your home accompanied by a warm drink and candlelight. And if you’re looking for questions to keep the night fun and flowing, take a look at these fifty fun questions you can ask one another!
  2. Wine and cheese night: Tell everyone to grab a glass of wine and cheese platter and start a culinary discussion.
  3. High school quiz night: Surprise your friends with who/where/when/with whom questions. You will need a bit of preparation for this, but you will have loads of fun!
  4. Surprise online birthday party: Whose birthday is next on the list? Why don’t you create a private invitation chat group and surprise the birthday girl/boy with a bunch of friends?
  5. Movie night: Sounds challenging, but with the right platforms, why not?
  6. Karaoke night: Make sure it’s not past midnight πŸ™‚
Find creative ideas for your online meetups!

So grab your high school yearbook, your phonebook, your Facebook account and get to work! And please feel free to share below which creative meet-up ideas you come up with πŸ˜‰

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