Reiki for Your Wellbeing

I first heard about the word Reiki back in high school; twenty years ago:) I had the opportunity to share my dormitory room with a fantastic girl who was already a Reiki practitioner back then. She told me that there are three levels of Reiki, and you need to be initiated for each one separately. The first level allows you to apply Reiki to yourself and to others who are physically near you. The second level teaches you Reiki symbols, and those symbols help you send Reiki to people who can be as far away as another continent. You can also send Reiki to the past as well as future events with the symbols. The third level is the master level, which allows you to initiate others to practice Reiki on their own. One becomes a Reiki Teacher with the third level initiation, so to speak.

And even though I am a level two Reiki practitioner, I am not an expert on the topic. If you’d like to learn more about the history as well as the applications of Reiki, please visit The International Center for Reiki Training’s website. If you are interested in my observations about Reiki, please read on:)

You would use your hands to do Reiki. And I apply Reiki to myself before I go to sleep. I put my hands on my stomach or my eyes and I drift to sleep. I put my hands on my head when I have a headache and it helps. The interesting thing about Reiki is — if you’ve read Reiki’s history — the practice was born in Japan. Back in 2005, I had the opportunity to do an exchange study program in Japan. I lived in Tokyo for ten months with a host family. Interestingly, not a single Japanese person I’ve talked to within that period had ever heard about Reiki!!!

According to Reiki’s history, Reiki’s birthplace is a place called Mount Kurama in Japan. During the semester break, I visited Mount Kurama (unless I visited another or a wrong mountain Kurama:)). It was a lovely place. There was a beautiful temple at the top. I remember feeling thirsty and seeing this water source coming out of the rocks. A voice inside me told me to drink it (I did not question its hygiene:)). It was one of the freshest and delicious water I ever drank. But again, I was not able to find any traces of Reiki on that mountain or at the temple.

That’s my experience with Reiki so far. I could not manage to find any traces of it in Japan but I still use Reiki in my daily life. I have my share of permanent illnesses. And I take my medicine for these diseases every day. Because, even though I believe Reiki works and it is good for my health, it’s not enough on its own. I need modern medicine as well.

So, if you are interested in Reiki, please find yourself a practitioner and try it. Just be careful not to expect any miracles out of it. But make sure to enjoy the energy and the knowledge that the universe offers to each one of us.

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