Creativity Corner: Rewriting

We feel better about ourselves and life in general when our minds are engaged in coming up with creative ideas.

Having moments of play and creativity in one’s life is crucial. Play reminds us that sometimes we can stop taking the world too seriously. Also, play boosts creativity and evokes positive emotions.

Today, I’ve tried a creativity activity with a simple book, some colorful pens, and highlighters. It has been a refreshing activity.

For this activity, I chose one of the books I did not enjoy reading a lot in the past. It was sitting all by itself on the shelf. I decided maybe the book deserved a second chance with this activity:) I selected the first two pages randomly and continued for four consecutive pages.

I circled the words I wanted to keep and crossed out the remaining ones. The process of crossing out is relaxing and felt like I was coloring a book:)

Give this activity a try and see what you will come up with. Let your imagination run free:)

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