What Does It Take to Finish a Marathon?

Oh, the glorious days…

The full length of a marathon is 42.195 kilometers (or 26.2188 miles). When you hear that number, you realize right away that if you want to finish a full marathon, you need to cover a lot of ground:)

Is it impossible though? Not really. I’m not the most athletic person in the world, but I managed to finish a marathon back in 2015. If you’ve noticed, I’m deliberately using the verb “finish” rather than the verb “run”. The reason is, I did not finish the marathon by fully running it.

Most marathons have maximum time limits of up to six or seven hours. In my case, I ran the first 21 kilometers and walked the remaining 21+ kilometers. And I still managed to finish the marathon within the set time limit. I’ve got a participation medal to prove it:)

The fact is, I did not train enough (trained approximately three months) before the marathon. And, I do not have a background in sports. My best-case scenario could have been finishing the race in four and a half hours. Also, during the actual race, unexpected things happened. For example, I started throwing up after the 21st kilometer (and it was only the first of the five times I vomited), that’s the reason why I had to walk the rest of the marathon:)

The bottom line is, when there is a will, there’s a way. You can do anything if you have clear goals, and if you put enough effort into achieving those goals. You need to be very careful about one thing though: Do not listen to anyone who will not encourage you towards your goals. A lot of members of my family had tried to discourage me by saying I was not fit enough to finish a marathon, and I proved each one of them wrong. And that felt very good:) (I was in bed, suffering from sciatic pain for the following two days, but that was alright!)

You got this!

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