Yoga Gurus to Follow

Eagle pose in front of Stonehenge, UK, 2018

I’m a big fan of Yoga. I practice it daily and see its continuous benefits for my mental and physical health. I also had the opportunity to study this discipline in depth in Italy and received a Yoga Alliance teacher certification in 2017. I have never offered any classes so far because teaching is not one of my strongest talents at the moment. I guess I only enjoy the practicing part of Yoga 🙂

And I should say, every day, I learn something new about Yoga. I think for me, it’s a lifelong learning process. And I like it to be that way. What fun would it be if I already knew everything there is to know :)))

Recently, I started enjoying various vinyasa flows offered by my friends, Tugba & Marc. They manage their YouTube channel, The Mindful Humans. Tugba’s instructions are mainly in her native language, but you can still follow her flows easily even if you do not speak her language. The Mindful Humans is in continuous development, and I believe the channel will be filled with amazing Yoga flows and mindfulness tips very soon:) Please check it out!

Yoga is a very good option for your well-being. But please note that it’s not the only way. Please listen to your body to see which exercise type is the best one for you.

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