Living Everyday As If It’s Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to readers from all over the world who celebrate it on the fourteenth of February every day. And congratulations to readers from all over the world who treat every day as Valentine’s Day!


As humans, we have a tendency of marking important events. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Important events and the memories they bring are important. But if we really pay attention, we can see that every day and every moment of our lives is equally important. Would you prefer having the happiest day of your life only on your wedding day? Or, would you prefer cherishing every day you live with your significant other and treating every day as your wedding day? Would you prefer being kind and grateful to your mother only on mother’s day? Or would you prefer calling your mother every day and telling that her you love her and feel proud of her? Would you prefer celebrating the birth of your child only on his/her birthday? Or would you rather tell him/her that he/she is worthy and beautiful and you love them? I think you may guess my next question about Valentine’s Day:)

Below are a few phrases you may want to say every day to the people you value:

You are worthy. You are beautiful. You are doing a great job. I am proud of you. I love you.

Is there any reason whatsoever we should not be saying these phrases to one another?

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