How to Cope With People You Do Not Like

We are not obliged to like every person we come into contact with. In fact, we need to be selective about people with whom we’d like to surround ourselves. Our external environment has a crucial impact on us, and it makes sense to spend time with people who pull us up rather than pull us down. And also, we should accept the opposite truth: we will meet people who will not like us, and who will not prefer to spend time with us. This is all perfectly natural.

One thing to be careful about though: even though no one is obliged to like everyone, we should all act with kindness towards one another. As the famous quote says, “Be kind. For everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about”.

Sometimes, unfortunately, we may have to share the same atmosphere with people we do not like. How can we cope in such kind of situations?

  1. Accept the situation: Judging and criticizing “the person” will not help you at all. Unfortunately, the best thing you can do is accepting that you will have to share the same atmosphere with “the person” for a specific time. Nothing is permanent, and this encounter will eventually finish too. Accepting the situation will help you be more compassionate towards the person as well as yourself.
  2. Do not feel guilty: This situation is not your fault. As mentioned above, you are not obliged to love everyone. And you have the right to let the people around you how you’d like to be treated. And it will be their loss if others cannot respect such a simple request.
  3. Express how you feel: We’ve mentioned that we need to be kind to one another. And you can be kind and honest about how you feel about “the person” and why you do not prefer spending time with them.

Your life is precious. Your time is precious. Do not waste your life trying to make others happy all the time. Just be kind and gentle with yourself and others. Everything will work out to be fine.

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