Upgrade Your Make-Up Skills to Get a Better Pay?

I am a great fan of men and women who present great results with their make-up skills. They are artists, in a way. They know how to match colors with different face shapes and different colors of clothing. Applying the right make-up is definitely a type of art that requires a lot of practice, patience, and sometimes, money:)

I recently watched the YouTube video of US congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on her make-up routine. In addition to giving great make-up tips, Ocasio-Cortez also touches on some gender issues. At one point in the video (at 11:40 time stamp), she mentions that “women who wear make-up make more money”. And unfortunately, I lived this experience first hand at the last workplace I used to work at 😦 One of my colleagues, who was actually very good at her job, was the favorite of our boss (our boss was a female too). On one occasion, our boss chose her for a photoshoot telling her in front of us that she was chosen because she always looked professional.

In my opinion, all the team looked professional. We were all wearing the same uniforms and paying attention to our hair and outlook. Some of us, including myself, were not using tons of make-up. But we did not show up to work in our pajamas either:)

Anyway, unfortunately, such inequalities still exist in many workplaces even in this century. Women who show up to work without make-up often have to face questions such as “Are you feeling OK today?”, “Is everything all right?”, “Are you sick?”. I’ve heard even worse, such as “What happened to your face today?”.

To be honest, I’m not too hopeful things will improve in the future. Unfortunately, most women and men still judge women based on the amount of make-up they put on. Even if I do not agree with it, with so many fights we need to fight already, I think I’m going to let this one go and start working on improving my make-up skills. Any suggestions on useful tutorials?

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