How Often Do You Reconnect?

You might have guessed it right, text or WhatsApp messages do not count as reconnecting:) How often do you pick up the phone, or arrange a face-to-face meeting, and reconnect with a former colleague, high school friend, family member, or some other friend you met somewhere along in your life?

We all are indeed leading busy lives. And, busy is good. For some, busy means they have a full-time commitment of some sort. And, we all need to contribute to society, so being busy is definitely a good thing. Though, we should not be busy at the cost of losing connection with our network. And these days, more than ever, we need to make an extra effort to reconnect with people.

I call my mother every day because she lives in another country, and we have not seen each other since December 2019, thanks to covid-19. I schedule an evening call with my sister once a week; usually after when all her three kids go to bed:) That’s the only time she can concentrate and talk:) I talk to my cousin once a week, and we even do an online workout session together now and then:) And, I try to reach out to at least two friends or former and current colleagues every week. I usually do not have a lot to tell, especially these days. The lockdown kind in the UK still continues, and the most interesting thing I can do every week is to visit different supermarkets:) Most of my friends within my network have more interesting stories to tell than I do. There’s a lot more happening in their lives because they have kids, or they have an interesting profession etc. It’s a bit difficult to start a conversation with some friends, especially if I haven’t talked to them in the past fifteen years, but I’m reading about ways to come up with interesting questions and learn more about people:)

Reconnecting is important. Reconnecting with people whom you haven’t talked to in years is especially fun and rewarding. Every time I listen to my connections, I learn something different. I get inspired. And creative ideas start popping in my head.

So, how often do you reconnect?

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