The One Thing You Need to Do Until You Get Bored of It

If you want to change your belief systems, you need to do one thing until you get bored with it. Affirmations. You need to keep listening to and repeating the affirmations until they become your new reality.

I use affirmations on a daily basis. It’s part of my morning meditation practice. You may find some people turning their phones on first thing in the morning to check their social media or newspapers. The first thing I do in the morning is turning on my Insight Timer app to listen to my affirmations to prime my brain for the day. My go-to gurus are Carmen Ng and Naomi Goodlet.

Affirmations play a crucial role in your self-talk and how you view the world around you. If you keep repeating your affirmations daily, you will observe that your self-talk will change too. It will take time. Changing your beliefs will not happen overnight. But in the long run, you will find yourself repeating positive sentences to your beautiful self. In my case, I realize that I often keep repeating to myself, “My body knows how to heal and restore itself” instead of saying, “I feel awful and sick” when I notice some discomfort in my body (Of course, I’m referring to small types of discomfort like headache or stomach ache here 🙂 I would definitely call an ambulance if I broke my arm or sth). Similarly, when I am setting up new goals and starting new projects, I tell myself, “I am creative. I compare myself only to my highest self” instead of thinking, “It’s too late for me to start such kind of a project” or “I am not talented enough as such and such.”

Have you analyzed your self-talk recently? Do you use words and phrases that criticize and discourage yourself? Do you think there are areas where you can improve your self-talk? Moving forward, which methods will you use to lift yourself up?

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