Do You Have the Characteristics of a Leader/Role Model?

You may be the big boss of a stellar marketing team. But are you their leader? You may be a mother/father of amazing kids. Do you ever stop and think about what type of role model you are for your kids? I know that as a boss or a parent, you already have a lot on your plate. But the fact is, you are always being observed either by your team or your kids. And your observers, especially kids, will be copying your behaviors. This is good news when you are teaching them the right stuff. But the same principle applies to negative behavior patterns as well. And for some reason, both team members and kids tend to imitate bad behaviors as soon as they see one:) Let’s see what habits you can adopt to become a better leader and a role model:

Remember, you are being observed by your team members as well as your kids:)

1.Be approachable: Both your team members and your kids are always wondering whether they can talk to you. Even if you are extremely busy when someone comes to see you, refrain from saying, “what is it now?”. Because if you say so, they may be discouraged and decide not to ask for your help again.

2.Watch your temper: When a team member or your kid makes a mistake, do not get angry. I know, it’s easier said than done. Remember that the person who made a mistake is already feeling awful about it. Getting angry at them is just going to make them worse. Even when you are tired or under pressure, try saying, “That’s all right, I’m here to help. Let’s see what’s going on”. Ask them, “Do you know what you need to do differently next time?”. And encourage them by telling them, “I know you can do it right next time”.

3.Use calm statements: Everybody should know what the rules are. So, if you see your team member or your kid do something that is not good, tell them that such behavior is not acceptable. But say it calmly. Calmly show them what is acceptable and what isn’t.

4.Always keep learning: Remember, you are being observed all the time. So it may be worth paying attention to the kind of example you are setting for your team or your kids. Ask yourself, “are there any other additional ways that I could be a better role model?”.

5.Show gratitude more often: Remember, every little thoughtful action and kindness matters. Make it a habit of saying “thank you” more often for the little things your team members and your kids do. They will feel appreciated.

6.Use active listening skills: Every human wants to feel like he/she is being listened to. When your team members or your kids are talking to you, silence your inner critic. Try focusing on your breath to bring yourself to the present moment when you catch yourself silently repeating to yourself what you are going to say next. Focus on the words of the talking person.

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