Want to Be More Attractive? Try Practicing Kindness!

I’ve been auditing The Science of Happiness course by The University of Berkeley on edx.org. The course is full of scientific research on how to make ourselves and others happier in life. If you think you can dedicate at least half an hour of your time to learn more about the real science of happiness, please give a chance to the above-mentioned course. Auditing the course is completely free. But if you want, you can also choose to pay to receive a formal certification at the end of the course.

Yesterday I had the time to study the subject of kindness towards others. The course mentions several types of research done on the subject. I would like to share the research I liked the most below. This study has been conducted by Kevin Kniffin and David Sloan Wilson. You can access the full article “Is Kindness Physically Attractive?” by clicking on the link.

In a third study, students in 6-week summer archaeology course rated each other on the first day of class on familiarity, intelligence, effort, liking, and physical attractiveness. The same students then did the same ratings again on the last day of class, after working with each other for the 6 weeks on a dig site, working 5 days per week and approximately 8 hours per day with each other. Consistent with the first two studies, non-physical traits (especially liking) contributed to final perceptions of physical attractiveness above and beyond the effects of the initial impressions of physical attractiveness.

On the first day of class, one woman received a below average rating (mean of 3.25) of physical attractiveness by the other members of the class. However, this woman turned out to be a quite popular, well liked, and hardworking member of the group. Strikingly, this woman went from a mean of 3.25 on the first day of class to a mean of 7.00 by the last day of class! Her rating of physical attractiveness increased quite a lot, and she presumably did not do one thing to alter her physical appearance.

“is kindness physically attractive?” by scott barry kaufman, greater good magazine

There you go! A non-surgical method to improve our attractiveness 🙂 Like most things, kindness requires practice as well. Why not try and do five acts of kindness to five people every day? Why shouldn’t you? It is a win-win activity for everyone involved. If you’d like to find out more about ideas of kindness and its benefits, take a look at the article Can Random Acts of Kindness Increase Well-Being?

Dear Reader, did you find this article useful? If yes, I’d really appreciate it if you could share the link with your network. It’s entirely your choice whether you share or not. Thank you:)

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