The Importance of Being Fair

I’ve heard of an experiment that involved two monkeys, lots of bananas, and some grapes. Monkey A was taught to push a lever and earn a banana in return. After Monkey A was trained in this manner for a while, the experimenters brought in Monkey B. Also, Monkey B was taught to push a lever, but he obtained a grape instead. Apparently, it was a type of grape that those monkeys were crazy about. And Monkey A saw Monkey B getting grapes. Then, it was again Monkey A’s turn to push the lever. Monkey A did as he was told, and he obtained a banana again. What happened afterward is interesting. Because apparently, Monkey A threw the banana in the face of the experimenter. I guess Monkey A was upset he did not get the grapes, but Monkey B did instead.

Being fair to everyone in every field of life is important. As a parent, teacher, or manager you may find being fair to be difficult. And it really is. But humans realize it very quickly when they are being treated unfairly. It’s always worth making the extra mile to maintain equality and harmony.

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