What’s the Ideal Diet?

I’d prefer not to trust anyone who says they have the dos and donts of the perfect diet. As far as I know, scientists are still researching it:)

Not really sure whether the english version of the above book exists. It has great recipes!

I always support the idea of listening to one’s own body. Our bodies are intelligent structures. They even have the capacity to repair themselves, most of the time. Imagine the last time you had a paper-cut on your hands or fingers. Your hand probably healed within a day or two. Amazing stuff!

Although I believe that there is no perfect diet that can suit everyone, I’m keeping a close eye on the research done by Italian researched Walter Longo. I’ve read two of his books so far. The first book is called Mimic Fasting. In his research, Doctor Longo says that excess protein consumption may be linked to cellular aging. So, what is excess protein consumption, exactly?

Let’s say your body weight is 50 kg. The maximum amount of protein you should consume within a day should not exceed 0.08% of your body weight, aka 40 grams (I really hope that my math here is correct:). Any amount above that 0.08% level goes under the excess category.

I think this is a feasible diet. It urges people to consume more vegetables and legumes because 1 kg of animal-derived food contains more proteins found in 1 kg of vegetable-based food.

I pay attention to this principle in my daily life. It does not really affect me immensely because I pay attention to my meat and dairy consumption anyway. I try not to exaggerate. I like Doctor Longo’s idea because it is based on solid research. This is of course my personal opinion.

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