What’s Your Creative Outlet?

I cannot clearly remember if I ever played with Play-Doh when I was little. Maybe it did not exist in my country, or I had a Play-Doh set, but I did not know what to do with it. During the first lockdown, after building 3D puzzles of a traditional London Bus and Big Ben, I decided to buy a Play-Doh set. Actually, by the time we arrived at the third lockdown, I ended up buying four different Play-Doh sets:)

Playing with Play-Doh kind of became my Sunday creativity activity. I put all four sets in front of me and just start rolling the dough in my hands. It’s kind of therapeutic if you ask me. And being the curious cat, I started to research why that might be. I know that dedicating time to creative activities is good for anyone. But I was more focused on understanding whether acupressure points in our hands have anything to do with dough rolling and relaxation.

To be honest, I could not find any scientific evidence to prove that playing with Play-Doh has any health benefits:) I know some experts, mainly in the field of alternative medicine, say there are chakras as well as acupressure points in our hands. But maybe it’s time to stop wishing for a health miracle and start enjoying the activity for the fun it gives:) Let’s remember what Albert Einstein says and just go with the flow:

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Albert einstein

What’s your go-to creative activity? If you are in search for a creative activity, please check out the article How Being More Creative Improves Your Mental and Physical Health.

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