When is the Perfect Time for Kids to Leave the Nest?

This may be an emotional subject for some readers. But I’ve been one of those kids who left the nest early in life. And I believe my parents – especially my mother – suffered a lot because of it.

I am very grateful for my parents because they sacrificed a lot for myself and my sister to get the best education available. And back in the day, at least in my home country, superior education was only available in big cities. When I was fourteen years old, I took a national exam to get into one of the top schools in the country. And luckily, I got in! The school was located in a city four hours away from where we lived, so I had to stay at the school dormitory for the following five years. Of course, I could visit my parents over the weekends:) But still, I started living away from my parents at a very early age.

I think living on my own at an early age helped me a lot. I learned living with people who were not my family but then kind of became my family:) I don’t think there is a “perfect” age when kids should leave the parents’ nest. It will happen one day; one way or another.

It’s a small world we are living in. But when people we love are even one kilometer away from us, the world seems to be huge:)

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