Treat Your Skin: Dry Body Brushing

I remember when M saw the body brush I unpacked for the first time. He asked, “What’s that horse brush for?” :))) And I said, “Don’t worry about it. This is another new age item I’m trying”:) “New age” is the term we use for interesting things I buy in the name of science and experimenting:)))

The frog face is a plastic body brush that I had bought in Japan years ago. I need to say, it’s not as effective as the real brush.

I’m not sure if dry brushing is new age at all. I have not found any stories about the origins of this practice. All I had in mind, before buying the brush, was to prevent cellulite, to be honest. Did it work? I don’t think so. I don’t suffer from too much cellulite, but the amount I already had is still there. Did dry brushing prevent new cellulite formation? I don’t know. I hope so! 🙂

I’m past behind the cellulite benefit of dry brushing because I realized that it’s a good practice for overall health. If you think about it, the skin is the greatest organ in our body. We women, pay too much attention to the skin on our faces, sometimes forgetting about the rest of the giant organ. I think stimulating the entire skin with a dry brush is invigorating.

So, I still keep up with my dry brushing ritual because I believe in its benefits. Not everyday though:) I think once or twice a week before the shower is sufficient. In my opinion, the brushing action helps the skin detoxify and rejuvenate. Give it a try, but be careful if you have sensitive skin.

You deserve to feel better, always.

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