Improvising Memorable Conversations

I guess everyone is familiar with the Elevator Pitch concept. I think it’s a useful tool to have, and unfortunately, I still do not have an elevator pitch for myself. It’s still a work in progress:)

I’ve been, in the meantime, researching and reading about ways to improve my communication skills. And I think I have found myself an expert in the field: Tatiana Kolovou. I watched her online course regarding having memorable conversations, and I found her suggestions easily applicable to any daily situation. They are simple methods you can use with anyone: VIP executives, celebrities, or even that guy/girl you’ve been wanting to get to know for a while:)

So, what are the steps?

  1. Observe if the person is available: Look for signs to see if the person of interest is available. It’s never a good idea to interrupt the person if he/she is on the phone, is it? Well, if the person of interest does not look like he/she is not hypnotized by a smartphone or a tablet, and if he/she is looking around with question marks in their eyes, I think you can approach with baby steps:)
  2. Start with a neutral comment: If the person is a celebrity, maybe it’s better not to ask for a photo or autograph right away:) Comments about the weather or recent sports games etc usually make excellent neutral comments.
  3. Ask an open-ended question: By asking an open-ended question, you show the other person that you are really interested in him/her. You are not just interested in hearing a simple yes or no. With open-ended questions, you allow the person the opportunity to talk more about him/herself. And everybody loves talking about themselves!!!
  4. Don’t overshare about yourself: I think this is the magic ingredient of being liked by everyone. I know it is difficult to resist the urge but, bite your tongue, look the person in the eye and listen to him/her. Show that you are putting him/her first.

Dear Reader, did you find this article useful? If yes, I’d really appreciate it if you could share the link with your network. Thank you:)

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