What’s the Strangest Gift You Bought for Yourself?

I know that the gift season is almost over, but the other day I was thinking about the things I have in my possession. I try to be a minimalist, but every now and then I slip into buying things that I end up not using. And later those items seem like strangers to me:)

Back in March 2020, I bought an interesting item. I used it almost every day in the office right after I bought it. Then we entered into lockdown and that’s when this product’s usage stopped too:)

All my life, my loved ones kept telling me to stand or sit up straight. They kept telling me that I should correct my posture. I did all the exercises in the world to strengthen my back muscles, but I just couldn’t improve my posture. That’s when I started searching for support items on Amazon. Annnnd (the drum rolls….) I found a digital product called UprightGo. The product reviews were promising, so I bought it right away.

UprightGo is a small device that you can place (and stick) between your shoulder blades. You need to download its app, and basically you can do training with it. Like standing up straight for a minute five times a day etc. And then you can set up the device to vibrate and warn you each time you slouch for more than 30 seconds.

I liked this product at the very beginning and it really helped me correct my posture in the office. But as I said, when the lockdown arrived, the habit did not stick with me. Probably because I was more focused on taking care of myself when other people are around?

Finally though, I managed to improve my posture with a more scientific method:))) I went to a good chiropractor. Within just two sessions, the chiropractor adjusted my neck, my knees, my shoulders and my posture. I was continuing my treatment with her, but then we entered the second lockdown.

Anyway I announce UprightGo as the most interesting gift I ever bought for myself. What’s yours?

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