Who Are Your Guests?

Who we invite to our homes/flats/apartments is crucial. Luckily, for the most part, we have the choice to decide who walks into our sacred living spaces. I know that nowadays, due to covid, we cannot physically invite loved ones into our homes. Fortunately, advanced technology like Zoom, Skype, or WhatsApp video calls allow us to spend time with our loved ones.

How about your brain? Who or what kind of thoughts do you invite into your brain? Just like your own home/flat or apartment, you have the sole control of what to invite in and refuse out. Do you invite regrets or shameful moments from your past? Or, do you invite the joyful childhood memories? Do you invite self-criticism? Or, do you invite positive thoughts about how unique you are in this world? Do you judge others for how much or less money and property they have? Or, do you feel grateful for people who inspire you? What type of guests do you have in your head?

I agree that as human beings, we are inclined to exaggerate negative feelings and thoughts. That’s because back in the day, we had to be vigilant about a lot of things to stay alive. Times have changed now. We still need to be careful about a lot of things, but we have the chance to focus on the amazing things that are happening around us as well.

Take good care of your home and your thoughts.

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