Keep on moving…

A scene from Barcelona, 2015

I had to slow down for the past couple of weeks due to health reasons. It’s nothing major, but my condition tells me to listen to my body more carefully, especially now. I’m following my doctor’s suggestions and prescriptions to the letter. Nevertheless, I still find myself feeling miserable most of the time.

My current condition dismantled my daily habits. Fortunately, I’m a solution-oriented person:) And, finally, I figured out that I need to establish new habits. Thank God it was the start of a new lunar cycle on 14th December. I always find it easier to set new habits and goals with the New Moon.

I went back to the basics. How we get out of bed sets the tone for the entire day. On most days, I’m starting my mornings with affirmations. My go-to place for finding out uplifting affirmations is Insight Timer. Insight Timer has free and paid versions. Please give it a try. Alternatively, you can definitely find others on YouTube or the Internet.

What I do next has been really helping me be more energetic and optimistic throughout the day. Quite a while ago, a high school friend of mine had suggested a YouTube video called 1 Mile Walk. I had not tried it back then, because I was more focused on high-intensity interval training. Nowadays, due to my condition, I cannot go that far:) So I started giving the 1 Mile Walk a try and it is simply amazing! If you have fifteen or thirty minutes in the morning, please give this workout a try. It’s worth it!

These past few days have been reminding me this is what being human feels like:) We have amazing bodies, they carry us everywhere. And sometimes they need to slow down and be taken care of. But at the same time, our bodies hate being immobile for long periods of time. At such times, please listen to your body and move your body. Even if you do small and slow movements everyday, your body will thank you for it:)

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