Do You Want Peace or Do You Want to Be Right?

I guess it’s not too wrong to say that around 90% of our daily problems are human problems. Such problems usually arise from miscommunication or lack of communication. But sometimes, having the urgency to be right at everything causes distasteful scenes, too.

A few months ago, I was at the supermarket, using one of the self check out machines to pay for my groceries. At another checkout, an argument between a customer and the checkout personnel was getting louder by every second. Finally, the customer was kindly escorted out of the store. I was happy that the argument did not develop into a full-blown fight. A few minutes later though, I heard the same customer yelling at the checkout personnel, “You know I am right!” at the top of her voice. And she ran out of the store again. I did not realize when she sneaked into the store the second time, she must have been really quick. But she did not come in for the third time. I think she just wanted to be right, and she got what she needed.

I believe you may have witnessed similar scenes on many occasions: two people arguing on one subject and each one of them trying to prove that he/she is right. What usually happens in such circumstances is that people having the discussion stop listening to one another. Because each person’s brain is concentrated on what to say next to prove a point. I’ve never seen any such scene having a happy ending. One of the parties is always left feeling bad or sad, regardless of whether she is right or wrong.

Over the years, and still now, I have been making an effort to leave a pleasant memory throughout my interactions with people. Because if you were given the chance, would you like to be remembered as the person who proves to be right in every argument, or as the person who makes others feel at ease and happy?

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