Mindfulness at Work & in Life

I had the opportunity of working in Sales and Events in the last two years. In addition to the many things I’ve learned from my amazing colleagues, I also realized that sales and customer service are parts of everyday life.

As an events manager, my responsibilities included making sure that all the events run smoothly from the start of the event’s sale to obtaining feedback from the client after the event. And I’ve come to realize that the success of an event depends on only one thing: great customer service.

Nowadays consumers do not evaluate brands just based on the quality of a product. For the most part, consumers start their buying journey if they believe that a company will take care of them by providing great customer service. This applies to every business. You need to:

  1. Make the customer feel important
  2. Use eye contact & smile
  3. Get their names correct and pronounce their names correctly
  4. Be easy to get hold of
  5. Keep your promises, call the customer back when you promise, and keep the customer informed and involved at all times

If you think about it, the rules mentioned above can easily be applied in a lot of areas in your daily life. They are mindful techniques for building great relationships with your colleagues, your boss, your family members, and your friends. Because when you

  1. Make the person in front of you feel important
  2. Use eye contact & smile
  3. Pronounce their names correctly
  4. Be easily accessible for them when they need you
  5. Keep your promises

you show them that you care by being mindful in every step of your communication. Being kind and mindful is not just reserved for clients or close family members. I think the world would be a better place if we can apply those principles to our interaction with everyone. And why shouldn’t we?

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