Ask yourself lofty questions

Ask yourself a lofty question…

You’ve probably heard of useful affirmations such as “I am healthy and vibrant”. Well, now it’s time to meet lofty questions 🙂

Your brain is wired to find answers to questions. And lofty questions can help you change your perspective. Below you will see how, but please check out self help for life website for detailed explanation.

Do you remember the time when you silently asked yourself “Why am I always so lazy?” or “Why am I always unhappy?” (Relax my friend, you are not alone, we’ve all been there.) And your brain came up with all the negative answers to support those questions? Well, now it’s time to rephrase those demotivating self talk by asking yourself “Why am I always very productive?” and “Why am I always cheerful?”. Because by doing that, you will motivate your brain to come up with more constructive answers and feedback.

Give it a try…Next time you are about to self sabotage yourself with negative questions or thoughts, stop for a minute, take a breath and rephrase the thought with a lofty question. You will see that it’s worth the effort.

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