Sunday Reading Ideas: The Flatshare

I fell in love with this book from the first page:) And I finished it within a day!!! I’ve mentioned in my previous book review that I’m making an extra effort to read more novels because they improve empathy. I’m so happy I read The Flatshare; it was such a joy to read this book!

I liked The Flatshare so much that I researched about its author right after I put the book down. Reading about inspiring people is one of my skills I am really proud of. Also, I had never heard of Beth O’Leary before. When I visited Beth’s website, I’ve seen that her work has been translated into thirty different languages. Apparently, I’ve been living under a rock all this time:)

I respect all writers; I think they are doing an incredible job. Writing sounds easy to everyone; but when asked to do it most people look for excuses to avoid it, don’t they:) Creating all the different characters and giving each of them their own voices…Creating every scene and making the reader feel like they are actually in the scene! Gosh, what a talent! I thought I was in London the entire time I was reading The Flatshare. I was hanging out with all the characters in their apartments and offices. I even found myself in Brighton at one point! (I haven’t visited Brighton yet, it’s on my list, pandemic permitting:)

I don’t want to give a detailed summary of the book here because I always doubt having missed some details for being a non-native English reader. So I’m just going to leave you with what the author already wrote on the book cover. “Tiffy & Leon share a bed, Tiffy & Leon have never met…” Go and get the book, you’ll definitely enjoy it!

My lovely copy of The Flatshare:)

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