Reduce. Minimize. Declutter.

Stay afloat!

Don’t let unnecessary things occupy time and space in your life and drag you down. Reduce. Minimize. Declutter.

You can start by decluttering your house! Get rid of all the items that are sabotaging your ease and wellbeing. Declutter your workspace. Keep only as few items as possible on your desk to maintain visual and mental clarity. Declutter your desktop. Reduce the number of tabs on your browser to keep yourself focused only on the task you need to finish. If you are looking for further inspiration, definitely check out what Elizabeth Gilbert and expert Marie Kondo have to say on the subject.

Also, try to minimize the time you spend with the types of people who consume you emotionally. Don’t always hang out with people who are always pessimistic and do nothing but complain. Surround yourself frequently with people who inspire you and expand your horizons.

And most importantly, don’t be a slave to your mobile phone. Reduce its grip on you by turning the notifications off.

So, what three actions will you take today to create more space in your life?

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