How Do You Celebrate Your Achievements?

Feel on top of the world with your achievements and celebrate!

When someone asks you how your day has been, what do you usually say? Do you mostly focus on what went wrong, or do you talk about what’s been positive? Hundreds of things happen during our daily lives, and most of the time, we tend to remember the things that went wrong. A lot of good things happen too. But most of us are running after a lot of goals, and we forget to celebrate the achievements we obtain on the way.

It’s important to take a moment and celebrate mini achievements right after they take place. For example, let’s say you woke up early on a Sunday morning and cleaned the house. Right after you finish cleaning, pause for a moment, and feel proud of what you have done. Don’t just toss it around saying it’s just cleaning. Think of it as creating clean and inspiring spaces for yourself and your family. Or let’s say you’ve just completed a 5k run. Don’t jump into thinking about what you can do to increase your speed or the number of kilometers you need to finish next time. Instead, pat yourself on the shoulder and congratulate yourself.

Personally, I write most of the little things I accomplish throughout the day, and I say: “I am proud of myself”. This practice helps me decrease the need to hear that phrase from others.

Honoring daily achievements right after they happen is very important. Because they can be pretty useful when you feel down. You will have many happy moments to replace negative events and feel better right away.

Celebrate yourself. Give yourself five stars; always!

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