How Can You Make Caffeine Work for You?

Make coffee work for you!

Everyone loves a good cup of coffee. I do not want to discuss its benefits or harms because I do not possess the necessary technical information. But I believe that if you do not exaggerate its consumption too much, drinking coffee should be OK.

I realize that most people consume coffee to pick themselves up; for a quick energy boost. If you are looking for alternative ways for energy boosts without caffeine, you can try out a mini twenty-minute walk. According to research, it has the same effect as drinking coffee, minus the side effects. But I think there is a way you can boss around coffee:)

For example, let’s say that you need extra concentration for a task you need to do every day. You can use coffee as a priming agent. Let’s say you are a student, and you need that extra boost to concentrate on your exam. Or you are a writer, and you need extra alertness to get over the writer’s block. Try drinking coffee only when you are executing such tasks. If you turn this into a habit, it may help your brain associate coffee with your important task every time you get a cup of coffee in your hands. That’s what I do to get into my writing mood. I use black tea instead, which has a lower dose of caffeine. I drink black tea only when I’m writing. And I need to confess I learned this trick from the author Jessica Brody. I followed one of her online classes:)

For whatever reason you prefer drinking coffee, please enjoy every sip. It cannot be that bad if you do not let it control you:)

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