How Does Climate Change Affect Your Decisions?

Sometimes I wish I were a scientist so that I could help improve the world in some way. Instead, after I barely avoided flunking intro to chemistry at high school, I decided to study business and law. Maybe I should have put more effort into science.

I read an article on how climate “apocalypse” fears stop people from having children on The Guardian the other day. Even though the article is based on a small-scale survey, I don’t think such fear is exaggerated at all. I mean, sorry to say it, but we are kind of sitting in our own s..t right now. I think some 90% of all the plastic produced/used until today has not been or cannot be recycled or something like that.

I feel grateful for living in a country that’s not hit by natural disasters often, but I am aware that in other parts of the world, a lot of people are suffering from hurricanes, typhoons, floods, extreme heat, droughts, and fires. I do not like to sound alarming, but when I read alarming news about the climate, I am alarmed! It is difficult to be optimistic about such an important topic.

Living without plastic? It’s almost impossible if you consider the importance and usage of plastic in our lives (talking about not-single use plastics). I’m hoping scientists can produce a decomposable type of plastic not in the future, but like, now. Living without a car? It’s possible in big cities but how about people who live in the countryside? And why do electric cars cost that much if their purpose is to help the environment? I believe more people will prefer them if they were cheaper compared to fossil-fuelled automobiles.

Coming back to the main question in the title of the blog… It is a difficult one to answer. And I would not expect anyone to share their ideas here either. But maybe it’s a question that should flash before our eyes before we make our next purchase, reserve our next vacation, or decide on an important subject.

Dear Reader, did you find this article useful? If yes, I’d really appreciate it if you could share the link with your network. Thank you:)

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