Well Done Scotland!

I’d like to warn male readers that this article talks about Scotland being the first nation to provide free sanitary period products for women. It’s an amazing accomplishment, and I hope many more countries will follow suit.

A scene from Edinburgh, 2019

I know most countries already provide free medicine for some of the lifelong diseases such as thyroid disease. Having a period is not the same thing as being sick at all. But the truth is all women have periods every month for at least thirty years of their lifespan. And I was a little bit upset with myself for not having thought about what Scotland did a few days ago. I’m a woman too, and I never thought that a country should provide free sanitary period products for me. How could I have been so indifferent? Of course, every country should provide free sanitary period products for all the women!!!

And I’d like to make another proposal. I don’t believe that most of the sanitary pads are ecological at all. So maybe countries can make additional efforts and provide ecological and free ones?

Also, what keeps countries away from expanding such benefits to couples and newborns as well? Free diapers for the newborns during the first two to three years of their lives and free condoms for couples to keep the world population more sustainable…

In any case, congratulations again to Scotland! They’ve done a great job!!!!

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