Fitness Experts You Should Follow

Research suggests exercising three times a day for at least thirty minutes

I like going to the gym; at least I used to before all these lockdowns. I used to go to the gym four to five times a week. It’s a nice place to destress after a long day in the office. People who lead active lives inspire me, so I try to surround myself with such people as much as possible. And I also keep an eye on fitness experts on YouTube and Instagram etc. to see what’s trending.

So far, I have followed the programs of two international fitness experts. The first one was Kayla Itsines. I followed her Bikini Body Guide program for almost two years. It’s a twelve-week program, and at the end of the twelve weeks, you restart from week one again:) You need to dedicate around twenty-eight minutes of your time three times a week. That twenty-eight-minute duration is an amazing psychological help because it tricks your brain into thinking that you will finish the session in less than thirty minutes. In fact, it’s less than thirty minutes:) I liked BBG, but at the end of two years, I eventually got bored. I was repeating the same exercises over, and over again. Kayla Itsines has other programs on her app too. But I did not try any of them. Kayla’s programs are very active; you need to jump around a lot. I think my knees are not very suitable for continuous jumps anymore:) Everybody is different. If you like a lot of action, please give Kayla Itsines a try because you get a real bikini body at the end of the program. If I weren’t shy, I would have put a photo of myself in the bikini here to prove that BBG gives results:) Of course, you should pay attention to what you eat as well. I don’t think BBG would work if you keep eating hamburgers and pizza every meal every day:) But who knows, maybe you have an exceptional metabolism which can digest even rocks:) Lucky you…

The second fitness expert, and the one I am following at the moment, is Heather Robertson. She has a YouTube channel, and she offers a wide range of exercises, and it’s totally free. I love the variety she offers. If you feel less energetic, you can try her less demanding classes. If you do not feel like jumping on a particular day, you can try her no jumping exercises. If you feel full of energy, you can follow her more kick-ass classes. I follow her channel three days a week. She also has the best music that accompanies her exercises. And her exercises are very effective for keeping your body toned. I feel like her program is the definition of “less is more”. You do not have to do superhuman moves to be healthy and fit.

So I think I’m going to stick with Heather for a while. Please do not hesitate to share if you have a fitness expert you adore:)

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