Cycling Adventure: From Passau to Vienna

On a sunny day back in the summer of 2015, M and I were cycling near Verona. On our narrow biking path, we saw a group of cyclists approaching us from the opposite direction. All of them were carrying loaded bike bags at the back of their bicycles. Everybody had to slow down at the crossing because the path was absurdly narrow. I had to get off the bike because it was almost impossible for me to maintain balance on the bike with such slow speed. As I got off my bicycle, I could not hold my curiosity to myself. I asked the cyclists where they were coming from. They said they’d left Prague a few days ago. “Where are you headed, then?” I asked. They said they wanted to reach Venice. “Where do you sleep at night?” I asked. They said they’d been sleeping under the stars so far. M and I wished the cyclists good luck and bon voyage and as soon as we returned home, we started planning our cycling vacation for the next summer:) We were inspired by the unknown cyclists…

I’d never had a camping experience therefore we opted for an organized cycling vacation; which included staying at B&Bs. A lot of companies in Europe offer cycling vacations which include lodging, luggage transfer, breakfast, dinner, and bicycle at very reasonable prices. For our trip, we chose the services of Girolibero. If you search for it, you can find other similar companies on the Internet. I’m not exactly sure why we specifically chose Girolibero but, at the end of our cycling vacation, we were sure we had made the right choice. I’d recommend the company, they are very professional.

Most countries in Europe have good cycling roads. One of such countries is Austria, and that’s where we decided to go in the summer of 2016. A month or so before our trip, Girolibero mailed us all the relevant information we needed for the trip, as well as a small booklet that described different cycling routes. We started our journey from a border town called Passau in Germany, and after seven days of cycling along the Danube river, we arrived in Vienna. Girolibero organized our reservations at lovely B&B’s every night. They took care of transferring our luggage from one B&B to another every day as well. And, most importantly, they also provided us with very comfortable bicycles. Unfortunately, I do not have a lot of photos from that period because we attempted to do video recordings with GoPro, and we successfully failed:) Almost all of the videos are shaky or blurry:) We did not spend a lot of time with photography because we wanted to enjoy the scenery with our eyes. And, we put a lot of faith into our first GoPro trial:))) But I managed to dig one or two photos to showcase here.

We stopped in Salzburg two days prior to our trip
Passau, one day before we started our trip
Our guide during our trip
From Passau to Vienna is only 330 kilometers!
The booklet has better photos than I do:)
A scene from the first B&B we stayed at…with a lovely view of Danube River.
I felt glorious towards the end of our cycling trip. I don’t remember the name of this city though:)

A cycling vacation is a unique experience. It is a lot of fun and I recommend it to everyone, because:

  1. The scenery is fantastic: It’s just you and nature. The cycling roads in Austria are very well maintained.
  2. You do not necessarily have to be an athlete to complete the distance: We ended up cycling up to 60 kilometers a day. It sounds a lot, but the bicycles that Girolibero gave us for the tour were very comfortable. They did not make us feel tired at all.
  3. Girolibero offered an optimum service: We were not worried about getting a flat tire during the trip. Girolibero had checkpoints along the way. If something were to happen to the bicycle, they could have repaired it right away. Nothing happened to our bicycles. The entire package was great value for money.
  4. Girolibero reserved excellent B&Bs: All B&Bs we stayed at were fantastic places. And most importantly, I was able to find gluten-free breakfast and dinner options at each one of them. It was essential for me to have enough fuel to pedal every day:)

I feel grateful to have these happy memories from the past. I hope that the world goes back to normal soon and we can all start enjoying such adventures again.

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