Applying the “Grandma Test” in Daily Life

Sending kisses and love to all the grandmothers out there:)

I’ve heard about the Grandma Test at least from three different sources within the past month so, I think it’s a sign for me to talk about it. I should start using it as well:)

I think you can apply the Grandma Test in different areas of life (and you can definitely replace the word “grandma” with “father-in-law”, “uncle”, or your five years old “nephew”. Please note that my intention is not offending anyone, at all!). For example, you can use it to test if your idea can be easily understood by others regardless of their age, education, or professional background. Similarly, you can use this test to see if people from different backgrounds can easily understand your marketing idea etc. The goal of this test is to make explanations in a way that makes sense for everyone; even for your 95 years old grandmother.

Another area you can use the Grandma Test is customer service. I’ve done customer service as a part of my job as an event manager. Sometimes the customer may insist on being right even though they are completely wrong. Actually, this does not apply only to customers, it applies to every one of us. Everyone, including myself, likes to be right. Everyone feels an extra rush of satisfaction when they hear the phrase “You are right”. So imagine, you are talking to an upset customer, or a friend etc, and they are convinced that they’ve been treated wrongfully. It may be easy to let anger get hold of you in such instances. At that point, if you can imagine yourself talking to your grandma or even someone else that you love dearly, it may help you ease your tone down towards the customer as well.

Give it a try, being kind to everyone is as important as being kind to your own grandmother or other loved ones.

Dear Reader, did you find this article useful? if yes, I’d really appreciate if you could share the link with your network. Thank you:)

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