“This Could Be The Last Time I’m Ever Here” – Pedram Shojai

Cambridge Botanical Park, 2019

I felt like I really had to put the author’s name next to the title of this article to prevent any potential misunderstandings. Because even though the title sounds a little bit pessimistic, your perception might change as you read on.

I have Blinkist downloaded on my smartphone. I have the free version of the app. The free version gives you the chance to read a random book chosen by the app’s algorithm, I guess:) With the paid version, you can read as many book summaries as you like.

Personally, I prefer the free version. I usually tend to read on specific subjects because I am not very open to change. And that’s why I like using the free version of Blinkist; it pushes me to read about topics I do not read a lot. Because I have no control over which book summary will show up the next day, having random book options keeps things a little bit exciting. Some people turn on their phones to check their social media first thing in the morning. For me, the first app I click on first thing in the morning is Insight Timer for my daily meditation. And the second app, you guessed right, is Blinkist:)

Anyway, I need to get to the point otherwise this article is going to be longer than it’s supposed to be. Last week one of the books suggested by Blinkist was “The Art of Stopping Time” by Pedram Shojai. The main topic of the book is mindfulness. And one of the author’s simple tricks to be more present at the moment is by telling ourselves “This could be the last time I’m ever here”. Simple and to the point.

Most of the time, we think we have the luxury of seeing loved ones another time. So when we are with them, we assume it’s OK to think about what happened at work that day. It’s easy to be mentally absent when visiting places as well. We may think we can visit another time. But what if there is no next time? Wouldn’t it be better to live every moment as if it could be last time? Why do we keep delaying when we can enjoy the moment right away?

This could be the last time I’ve ever written. I can say I really enjoyed writing it mindfully 🙂

Dear Reader, did you find this article useful? if yes, I’d really appreciate it if you could share the link/article with your network. Thank you:)

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