Sunday Reading Ideas: Past Perfect

I am making an effort to read more novels moving forward. I’ve read in multiple places that reading novels is good for improving one’s empathy. When you are reading a good novel, you sometimes start putting yourself into the characters’ shoes and think about what you would do in a similar situation. Apparently, that is a very good way of exercising your empathy skills.

I’ve chosen Danielle Steel because a former American colleague of mine told me that her novels are really good. I did not research any of her novels. I just picked one in randomly and it happened to be Past Perfect.

Even though Past Perfect is a very easy read, I took my time to finish the book. I think I’ve finished it in two weeks or something. The story is rather interesting. I will not give any details about the storyline here. OK, maybe I should give a hint or two. The story involves living with ghosts:) One thing I’ve noticed that overall, the book has an optimistic tone. Unfortunate things happen to some of the characters in the book but the characters always manage to find solutions for even the toughest problems. I really liked that positive tone; it is very real somehow.

What type of novels do you usually read? Do you have any good novels that you can suggest me? I look forward to hearing from you:)

My copy of Past Perfect. I really like the red touch.

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