Burning Bridges…Is It Ever A Good Idea?

Life happens…Sometimes we get lucky, and sometimes we find ourselves asking “Why did this happen to me?” In both cases, there is one constant: humans. Something we like or do not like happens because of other “humans” involved in the situation. I think it’s fair to say that most of our problems are people problems.

Most of the time, in the case of unlucky events, communication with others tends to go downhill as well. And often to the point of collapsing and burning whatever bridge existed in between.

And surprisingly, burning bridges may seem like the most satisfactory option at the time. The adrenaline or the anger might get the best of you, for a while…But the satisfaction does not last very long, does it? You feel like you were 100% right and they were wrong, and they had to hear what you had to say, and they deserved it…How long does that satisfaction last for you?

Does this mean that we should never speak our minds? No! We have the divine right to express our opinions and tell others how we like to be treated. Because if we don’t, others will decide how they would like to treat us.

The next time you realize you are about to burn another bridge, don’t let your anger or your adrenaline get the best of you. Express your opinions, such as why the other party might be wrong, calmly and professionally. The world is small, and it is getting smaller every day. You may think that you will never need that person or work with that person ever again. Think twice and remember the time and effort you put into building that bridge in the beginning. Respect the bridge.

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