The Power of Storytelling

Storytelling is in our DNA.

Humans are driven by their emotions. And storytelling, rather than just shouting out a bunch of facts and numbers, is the best way to invoke emotions.

People love to hear stories. The urge to pass on emotions via storytelling is a part of our DNA. Before the invention of writing, civilizations carved cave walls to tell their stories to future generations. They did not just leave facts and numbers on the walls; they made drawings to add context to their stories.

In your private life, next time you’d like to teach your child a lesson about the importance of staying curious, you may try telling an inspiring story about Einstein. In your professional life, before pitching your fact-proof sales proposal, you can start your presentation by telling a story about your company’s mission to connect with the client.

Stories can massively improve your communication. And you will need to exercise your storytelling muscles regularly to become an impactful storyteller. Take a look at this Harvard Business Review article on how you can improve your storytelling skills.

Can you think of at least three stories that had an impact on your life?

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