Qualities of Successful Teams

What are the qualities of successful teams?

I guess we all agree that teamwork is crucial in sports and business. But it is not always easy to establish a perfectly functioning team, don’t you think? It’s common to observe competition, jealousy, gossip, flattery, or even backstabbing among the team members.

I don’t think there is a single recipe for building a successful team. But I do believe that a few concepts are fundamental. One of them is trust. If the team members do not trust one another, it could be difficult for such a team to function well. I guess Google researched the secret ingredient of successful teams, and they found out that teams that provide an environment of psychological safety perform better. Personally speaking, I agree with Google that I can flourish very well in a work environment where I know my colleagues won’t judge me.

The other fundamental aspect is respect. Team members should respect each other regardless of their age, sex, religious beliefs, race, and educational or professional background. Because where there is respect, people listen to one another. It’s never one person doing all the speaking.

What other things can you think of? I look forward to hearing from you.

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