Cities to Visit in the UK: Bristol

It’s been three years since we moved to the UK and we simply love it here. I don’t think we will be staying here forever, that’s why I’m trying to discover as much as I can in the meantime…Lockdown permitting:)

I think this wall art sums up the city very well. It’s better than the photos I took and shared below:)

I first heard about the UK when I started middle school. Because that’s when I first started studying English. All our textbooks were printed in the UK and they all talked about Big Ben.. At home, we were urged to study English as well, and my father had bought the classic Follow Me! English language course video tapes for us to study. I’m not sure if Follow Me! still exists…

The first time I visited the UK was in the summer of 2017. And like most of the tourists, my first stop was London:) Because London is the city that we always read about in the books, hear about on the news, and see in the movies. Occasionally we hear about Oxford and Cambridge as well. Settling in the UK made us realize that there is more to the UK than just London. The country is full of beautiful cities. And Bristol is one of them.


Bristol is full of energy. It has a lot of places to discover. It’s close proximity to the floating harbor is another bonus. The city is full of artistic expression; it may even be where Banksy originated because most of his artwork is located in this city.

Banksy – The Mild Mild West

The city offers a lot in terms of shopping and food as well. One specific spot I should mention is Three Brother Burgers. It offers burgers for every dietary requirement: vegetarian, gluten-free etc. And it is sooooo good.

Please visit beautiful Bristol if you get the chance to. You will love this city!

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